Chapter 13 Quiz

1. According to your authors, all innovations are considered actionable ideas, but not all actionable ideas would be considered innovations.
a. True
b. False

2. The phase that is focused on searching for new information, connections and insights most applies to

a. Seek
b. Nurture
c. Evaluate
3. In a brainstorming session, all of the following are “operating rules” except:
a. Generate as many ideas as possible
b. Discourage “hitchhiking” or building on the back of other ideas
c. Avoid focusing on the quality of an idea
d. Resist evaluation until the brainstorming session ends
e. b and d

4. Your authors recommend that leaders use “sharp shooting” as a way of clarifying the cost/benefit tradeoff of the actionable idea.

a. True
b. False
5. Asking “Are we providing significantly new benefits to customers and users?” would be appropriate to address in the ____ phase.
a. seek
b. nurture
c. evaluation
d. all of the above