By weaving together original research, novel strategies and tactics, and stories of successful leaders, this book provides insight into how to become a progress-making leader. Written by a professor and a business executive, the book provides actionable ideas grounded in sound research and tested in real organizations.

The Progress Model

This framework shows how progress can be made by exploring (trying something new), refining (improving existing ways of doing business) and establishing platforms (a way of completing a task or providing a service).

Novel Strategies, Flexible Tactics

Readers will see that while effective leaders focus on certain strategies, they may use a wide variety of tactics to implement each strategy.

Progress Maker Profiles

The profiles summarize in-depth interviews with a successful coffee entrepreneur, a general in the U.S. Army, a newspaper editor-in-chief, and a Fortune 500 executive. These leaders have moved their organizations forward by utilizing the Progress Model.

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